Spheres, cones, spirals etc. - garden art in the twinkling of an eye

Garden Life
Whether it be spheres, cones or spirals, nothing makes hedges look more elegant than artistic shaping. Getting the perfect cut is much easier than is generally thought. Wire netting can be used to retain the shape. The key to success, however, is using the right tool. Budding garden artists should use the new GARDENA ContourCut Accu shrub shears. With this versatile specialist, even beginners can cut like professionals without using any muscle power!

In the best shape - the tool does it for you!

Regardless of whether you go for a simple shape or for more challenging sculptures, with the new GARDENA ContourCut Accu shrub shears shaping is easier than ever. Thanks to innovative battery technology, the shears weigh just 600 grammes and are particularly easy to handle. This makes it possible to work for long periods without getting tired.

Since contour cutting depends particularly on a precise contour result, the battery-powered shrub shears have been designed to cut extremely accurately. This is ensured by the laser cut contour cutting blades, which are arranged horizontally as a shearing head and have a cutting width of eight centimetres.

Although shrubs tolerate contour cutting particularly well, the following is still true: Only smooth cuts lead to healthy growth. To ensure that the firm leaves of shrubs are cut cleanly, the blades of the battery-powered shrub shears are particularly sharp. In addition, the large blade spacing ensures that the cut foliage does not slip away, enabling really precise cutting.

Since contour cutting often takes a while, the ContourCut battery-powered shrub shears are equipped with a powerful, low-maintenance battery. This enables a cutting time of up to 45 minutes. Thanks to the latest lithium ion technology, the battery can also be recharged at any time and is therefore always ready to use. The shears are not subject to a memory effect or self-discharge.

Smart and environmentally friendly: Packaging with added value

For garden lovers who want to shape other small plants in addition to shrubs, the new ContourCut battery-powered shrub shears are also available in a set. This contains a 20 centimetre long blade for precision cutting small areas. To convert the shears, simply change the blade. The blades are easy to use and can be replaced without a tool. The transparent plastic box that the new shrub shears come in is also a real plus. It can be easily mounted to a wall. This means that the shrub shears, blades and battery charger are always at hand.

Maybe you prefer to cut mechanically: If so, the GARDENA hedge clippers are the product for you. The Classic model has impressively robust blades which can be straight or serrated as required and ergonomic handles made of FSC-certified wood. The GARDENA Comfort 570 hedge clippers make cutting especially easy. They have integral Technogel ® gel pads, are easy to look after and maintenance-free, and ensure excellent cutting results thanks to their non-stick coated and precision-ground blades. The GARDENA Comfort Gear 600 hedge clippers offer even better cutting performance (+46%) with their patented gear system. More information about our hedge trimmers is available in the Products area.