Simply cut high grass

Garden Life
A sickle may help where the lawnmower cannot reach.

Gardens gone wild

Gardeners are often burdened with having to deal with high grass when they take over plots that have been neglected for some time. For the most part, the grass has grown too high for lawnmowers, and garden tractors are frequently too bulky to remove the tall grass. In this situation, the conventional sickle often proves to be the best partner.

Working on a slope

Lawnmowers often encounter their limitations on steep slopes and the grass is simply left to grow even further. Here, the sickle is an especially suitable solution. Since it is not dependent on electricity, it becomes a reliable aid in large areas as well.

Expert tip

Mowing grass with sickle requires practice. For best results, position the body loosely and go with the momentum when working. In general, caution is called for and a safe distance to others is to be maintained when working with a sickle.