Season-dependent decorative flowers

Garden Life
In the dull wintertime, the world lies bare and colourless. Most garden plants have cast off their leaves and have gone into the rest period. However, there are plenty of winter-flowering houseplants which bring a bright splash of colour into a residence, driving away the winter blues to make the world a little more colourful.

The primula

The primula is one plant which can bring colour into your house. It flowers in powerful, bright shades such as red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, pink or bi-colours. You should observe a couple of points in order to enjoy your primula as long as possible. The best location for your plant is a bright location, but not in full sun. The soil should always remain damp, but not waterlogged. Hardy primulas such as the primrose can be planted in the garden after flowering.

The hyacinth

The hyacinth is characterised by its intensive fragrance. This bulb plant has an umbel consisting of many individual star-shaped flowers. With its long stalk and beautiful umbel, the hyacinth displays much charm through its unusual appearance. It flowers in different purple, blue and pink shades as well as pure white. It likes to stand in a bright and sunny location, rather than in half-shade. The hyacinth is relatively tolerant. In a somewhat cooler location, it flowers for particularly long periods of time. The soil should only be kept slightly damp; moderate watering is perfectly sufficient. It is essential that the plant does not become waterlogged.

The African violet

The African violet flowers for a long period of time and is a popular plant in winter. It is known primarily for its blue colour shades, but is also available in purple, white or pastel colours. The location should be bright to half-shade. African violets do not like full sun or draughts. A window facing north is ideal. When watering, ensure that the leaves are not made wet. Therefore it is best if you water into the pot saucer.

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