Repotting your pot plants

Garden Life
In winter, most garden plants enter their rest period. They require little water, and reduce their metabolic processes to a minimum. This is then the ideal time to repot them into a larger pot, so that they obtain sufficient nutrients again and grow well in the new year.

When to repot

Plants whose roots are already growing out of the pot, or whose earth is completely full of roots require a larger pot. Please observe that the new, larger pot should only be a few centimetres larger than the old pot. Young plants require a new pot almost every year, as their roots quickly spread through their container. Older plants are mainly repotted when their soil is old and well-used.


First the new pot is prepared. The best pots are earthenware ones with a hole in the bottom and a matching saucer which is only minimally larger than the pot. The hole in the bottom of the pot can easily be covered with a flat stone or another piece of earthenware. This prevents the soil falling out of the pot, and at the same time permits the excess water to flow off into the saucer. Now the fresh potting soil can be distributed in the lower area of the pot.
The plant is removed from the old pot, and the root ball is tapped lightly. The old soil firmly attached to the roots should not be removed. Then the plant is placed into the centre of the pot and filled up all round with soil. It is important that the upper edge of the root ball is two centimetres lower than the edge of the pot. In this way, water cannot run over the top of the pot as you water the plant. Finally, the soil is pressed down slightly in order to avoid hollows between the fresh soil and the root ball.


1. When removing the plant, cut off any roots which are already growing out of the bottom pot hole so that the plant can easily be pulled out. 

2. Cover the hole in the bottom of the pot with a stone so that the water can flow off easily. 

3. Do not forget to leave room for watering at the top of the pot. When repotting, make sure the root ball lies 2 cm below the edge of the pot. 

4. The new pot must be clean. If reusing an old pot, clean it thoroughly beforehand to prevent the transmission of germs and fungi.