Removing sheets of ice

Garden Life
It is not uncommon for slippery patches of ice to be hidden under a loose layer of snow, resulting in people slipping and sliding when crossing squares and paths.

Removing sheets of ice

Depending on the amount and type of snow, different tools may be required to clear it. The first choice is a snow shovel. However, if hard-packed snow freezes into a layer of ice, it poses a high risk of slipping, particularly if the layer of ice is hidden under snow. In this case, an ice scraper can be helpful to remove sheets of ice.

The right timing

It is best to remove the ice once it has thawed slightly. So rather than doing this in the early morning or late evening, it is advisable to remove it after the sun has had a chance to thaw the ice a little. This is usually the case from midday until the early afternoon.

Expert tip

Winter equipment in particular should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as it comes into frequent contact with moisture and aggressive road salt.