Raising vegetables – a mini greenhouse for your windowsill

Garden Life
Seeds require warm temperatures to germinate. For this reason it is advisable to raise your sown seeds on the windowsill or in a greenhouse in a heatable cultivation station. A well-lit space and even temperatures ensure here that the young plants develop well and will be strong enough for planting outdoors after the late spring frosts.
You can already start to raise the first varieties of vegetable at the end of February, for example tomatoes, peppers, chilli, cabbage lettuce and kohlrabi. Most of these seeds have to be pressed lightly into the cultivation soil; a few of them, the so-called light-dependent germinators, are merely placed on top of the soil. Please look at the information on the seed packet for the respective recommended sowing depth.
Ideal for cultivating your vegetable plants is a mini greenhouse which you can either buy ready-assembled in a shop or make yourself. In this greenhouse, optimum air humidity and temperatures are maintained.
Tip: In case you do not possess sufficient warm windowsill surfaces in your flat or house, purchase a thermal mat for cultivation purposes. This ensures even temperatures during cultivation.

Mini greenhouse to make yourself:

If you wish, you can make a mini greenhouse themselves out of packaging materials. 

What you need: 

1 empty egg carton for six eggs, or a shortened 10-egg carton
1 tomato/grape sales packaging (with holes for air circulation)
1 cut packaging tray (waterproof), as the saucer
1 household scissors
Cultivation soil

Fill the egg carton with cultivation soil and place the seeds in the recesses. Now put the egg carton into the saucer. Water them lightly. Then put the lid on (onto the packaging tray with holes). And the greenhouse for the windowsill is complete. 

You can now care for and observe the first seedlings over the following weeks on your windowsill!
This handicraft work is also excellent for children – fun for the whole family.