Product highlights in winter

Garden Life
When it is cold and unpleasant outside, it is the ideal time to get really comfortable inside your house. The following products can assist you. Here we briefly present three of them.

GARDENA Universal Hatchet 900 B

This small, handy hatchet is excellent for producing firewood and kindling for your stove. It is also ideal for correcting your Christmas tree, removing branches or making the tip of the trunk form a point.

GARDENA SchnippSchnapp XL

These convenient general purpose scissors are a universal aid when preparing and producing Christmas decorations. They cut paper, wallpaper, leather, textiles and threads. Their size makes them ideal for making long and accurate cuts.

GARDENA Gardeners’ Folding Saw 135

Using the Gardener’s Folding Saw, you can easily remove branches from firs and spruces or other conifers, and use them, for example, to decorate your home or entrance area. After use, the saw can be folded easily.