Preventing moisture in your house and garage

Garden Life
Removing puddles of water quickly and efficiently.

Water in the house

Any build-up of water inside the home must be removed quickly — be it rainwater that has got into your house through an open window, the washing machine leaking, or snow and ice on the car forming a puddle in the garage when it melts. This will prevent possible damage from occurring and should be done using a squeegee.

Regular ventilation

Once a patch of water has been removed, it is recommended that the room be thoroughly ventilated in good time, ideally on a dry day. This reduces the remaining humidity in the room, thereby preventing the formation of mould. It is especially important that the garage is not used to store items that are sensitive to moisture, like open bags of garden fertiliser or road salt.

Expert tip

In garages, which are generally not heated, it is advisable to seal the floor due to the minus temperatures that occur. If sub-zero temperatures are reached in a garage, any moisture that has seeped into cracks may freeze and damage the floor.