Preparation of the planting period

Garden Life
The new garden season will soon be here. In February, the first seeds can be sown inside your house or greenhouse. Pre-cultures can also be started at around this time. In March, it is possible to sow the first seeds in cold frames and outdoors. It makes sense to make your initial preparations now so that everything is ready for a timely start.

Planting tables

Planting tables are practical assistants for the preparation of seed sowing, for repotting and pricking out. You work at a height which allows you to stand up, thus being gentle on the back and making your life easier. Planting tables are closed off on three sides, so that the earth does not fall off at the sides, causing unnecessary mess. Should you not yet possess a planting table, these are easy to construct yourself. Fill your planting table with all the utensils which you are going to need over the next time period. Prepare your equipment and plant pots. The right soil and planters are also important.

Plant pots

If plants require a larger pot, it is not always necessary to buy a new one. Use this time to reinstate and clean used pots. Over time, lime and salt residues build up on the edges of flower pots. They are generated through the evaporation of watering or rainwater, and are completely harmless. However, those wishing to remove them should remember that flower pots made of earthenware adsorb fluids, and that they will pass them or return them to the soil. For this reason, do not clean earthenware flower pots with acidic agents such as citric acid or vinegar concentrate, as smaller flower pots in particular will then put the healthy growth of the newly potted plants at risk.
It is best to clean the edges with warm to hot water, and to use a coarse scrubbing brush or a hard sponge.