Planning your green roof

Garden Life
In order to guarantee an optimum green roof, several aspects must be observed in advance. If all these points are observed, your green roof will not only look attractive, but will present many advantages. These include, for example, heat or cold insulation and the improvement of your interior climate.
Green roofs also contribute towards noise minimisation and the protection of your roof. The type of roof construction, whether a trapezoidal roof or solid roof, is immaterial. What is decisive, however, is that the roof construction is able to bear the additional surface weight. Please also consider that a green roof requires regular care and so it must be possible to access it easily. A root foil prevents the plant roots from infiltrating the roof. The standard conditions should also be considered in order to select suitable plants and to ensure that they do well. 

Irrigation plays an important role, in particular in the growth phase, meaning that there should be a water connection in close proximity to the roof in order to ensure the water supply. An intermittent roof end or a side drainage channel is required so that excess water can flow away. In general, no building permits are required for green roofs on garages or carports. However, it is still useful to enquire in advance from the local building authorities about a building permit.

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