Smart garden

People you can make happy with a smart garden

If you love relaxing in your own private oasis, but don’t always have time to work on it, a smart garden is the ideal solution. Plus it will make the people around you happy. Here’s how.

1. Your neighbours - stress less

When planning holidays or a business trip, you may be too shy to ask your neighbour to take responsibility for your garden while you’re away.
Or you may think that they might not know where to start anyway. Don’t worry, there’s a way to keep them – and you – more happy and relaxed.

With the GARDENA smart system, you can have a smart garden which allows you to stay in control of your green space, wherever you are in the world. This intelligent system is easy to use and allows you to control both watering systems and lawn care via an app, even giving you status reports to keep you up to date. This means that your neighbour doesn’t have to worry about whether they’re doing everything right, and you don’t have to write endless lists about how you want them to take care of your garden.

2. Your family – enjoy your oasis together

Everybody is ready to relax on the weekends, but usually someone has to take care of the garden to keep it growing well and looking good. Having a smart garden means you don’t have to compromise on family time. You can just sit back and relax without worrying about the garden getting out of hand. The handy app used to control it means that you have the care of your garden at your fingertips, giving you the double advantage of more of those precious free hours and a fantastically cared for garden for you and your family to enjoy together. Now, when everyone else is chatting, playing and putting their feet up, you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

Family with robotic lawnmower

3. Environmentalists – will thank you for a smart garden

Because water control is connected to your GARDENA smart system, there will be no more under watering or – more importantly in terms of the environment - over watering of your garden. This efficient water management system uses smart water control and therefore just the right amount of water to make your garden thrive. So on top of the approval of your neighbours and family members, you will also be using a system that anyone who cares about the environment will thank you for too!
Life is often about compromise, but a smart garden will keep everyone – including you - happy, at the same time as keeping your plants and lawn in top condition. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that intelligent gardening seems set to become the future of garden care.