Nesting boxes create breeding places for birds

Garden Life
Basically, every nesting box is useful, as birds like to sleep in them on cold nights and seek protection there. You can help birds to breed by putting out nesting boxes in good time.

The right timing

Mount your nesting boxes in good time, as birds start looking for a breeding place very early on. The ideal time window for this is the period from late autumn into winter. The nesting boxes must be mounted at the latest at the beginning of February.

The right location

Always ensure that the entrance hole to the nesting box faces towards the south-east, i.e. towards the rising sun. Please also ensure that the mounting location of the nesting box is inaccessible to cats and martens. Depending on the type of bird, experience has shown that a mounting height of two to four metres is suitable.

Hanging up nesting boxes correctly

The boxes must hang straight. Baby birds find it hard to get out of tilted nesting boxes.

Another tip:

Always clean the nesting box immediately once a brood has left the nest. This permits the second brood to move in quickly. Old nests are not used a second time. Nesting material is not used again by subsequent bird parents. Clean the nesting boxes thoroughly, preferably using hot water and a little cleaning agent in order to get rid of parasites and their eggs and larvae.

Photo: © Reinhard-Tierfoto