Making your cabbages more resistant

Garden Life
Cabbage varieties can be made more resistant through fertiliser. It is best to use organic fertiliser such as comfrey or stinging nettle manure. Vegetables will develop wonderfully when this liquid manure is added.

Recipe for liquid comfrey manure

(Quantities are merely to be regarded as reference values) 

• 10 litres water
• 500-1000 g fresh comfrey leaves
• Rock flour (minimises odour) 

Cut the leaves into pieces and add these into a vessel with a lid. Infuse with water. You can weigh down the leaves using a large stone. Do not seal the vessel air-tight as fermentation gases must be allowed to escape. Stir once daily. Caution – odours are generated: the mixture will start to stink within a few days! The liquid manure is ready when the odour lessens. This is an indication that no more gases are being emitted.
Sieve off the remaining plant components from the water. Mix the liquid manure to a ratio of 1/9 (liquid manure/water). The diluted liquid comfrey manure is suitable as a mild fertiliser for young plants and vegetables, but also as a plant-strengthening medium for roses or freshly-planted woody plants.
Image: Nova, Wikimedia Commons (used under the Creative Commons legal code)