Make your own bouquet of dried flowers

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Every year, your garden delights you with wonderful flowers. Tending the flowers and arranging them in bouquets takes time, and often they bring back nice memories. So it would be a pity to throw them away. Preserve the flowers to enjoy them during winter until spring comes back. Simply gather different materials and try yourself.
Nature offers us a large variety of different plants which are suited for bouquets of dried flowers. You can use long grasses, branches, leaves, berries, corncob, cones, ears, fruits and many species of flowers. But be aware that not all plants are suitable for drying. 

Cut the flowers between 11 to 15 o’clock, shortly before they flourish. Then the dew is vaporized and the flowers already open. You can cut and preserve many plants, during the year, to make bouquets or other decorative things later on.

Vaporization by drying

The easiest way of preservation is air-drying. It removes the humidity from the cells and stops withering. But do not cut the flowers too short if you want to bind a bouquet later. If the flowers are already too short, you can use a wire as extension for the peduncle. You can also use the wire,or a thread or bast, to hang up the flowers in a dark room, which is dry, warm and well ventilated. This ensures that the flowers do not bleach out and retain their shape. Hang them upside down. From time to time you have to tighten the thread, because the peduncles are getting smaller and smaller caused by the withdrawal of liquid. The flowers are dry after 2 to 8 weeks. Touch the flowers carefully and if they swish they are dry. After drying you can use hairspray to conserve the colour and shape of the flowers. Dry leaves and grasses at the same place as the flowers. Put the leaves, grasses, branches etc. in a vase without water.

Binding bouquets

For binding a bouquet you need: wire, scissors, a knife, dried plants and glue. 

You bind a bouquet from inside to outside. Start with the flowers you want to have in the middle of your bouquet. Then, arrange various species of flowers, berries or eares around the bouquet. If you want to bind in a new flower, you have to wrap the whole bouquet with wire. Keep checking, if the bouquet has a nice rounded form. At the end, you can bind large leaves and grasses around the bouquet. The last step is to wrap wire around the bouquet and cut the peduncles to the same length. See: You’re done with the bouquet and can enjoy it for many years. If you want, you can beautify your bouquet with rhinestones. Simply glue the rhinestones on the leaves.
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Which flowers can be dried?

Lupine, bluebottle, coneflower, sunflower, hydrangea, lady’s mantle, rose, baby’s breath, thistle, lavender, cockscomb, Alpine sea holly, rosehip

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