Last chance to plant flower bulbs

Garden Life
Autumn is coming to an end and winter is fast approaching. Those wishing to enjoy a fresh abundance of spring bloomers such as crocuses, irises, tulips, daffodils (jonquils), hyacinths, squill, muscari, allium, prairie lilies or eremurus, now have the last opportunity to plant the bulbs.
Generally, the following applies: the earlier the bulbs are planted, the earlier and fuller the flowers blossom the next year. The ideal month is September, but it is still also possible in November – depending on weather conditions.

For a long-lasting abundance of blossoms over a small area, it is best to plant several bulbs using the lasagne method in flower pots or in the garden. With the lasagne method, the bulbs are stacked in the soil. This ensures a longer period of blossoming over a small area. The bulbs of the spring flowers are arranged in a layered pattern according to time of blossoming and growth height.

First a layer of bulbs is planted and the place of planting marked with wooden sticks. Then a layer of soil is placed on top and only then is the next layer of bulbs placed between the sticks. Tulips which grow tall should form the lower layer and shorter plants, such as crocuses and muscari, the upper layer. The layer of soil placed between the bulbs should be twice as high as the diameter of the lower bulbs. When you have completed this work, you can now look forward to your abundantly blossoming signs of spring.