Keeping your lawn tidy

Garden Life
On a windy autumn day or after scarifying, a lot of valuable material for your beds can be found on the lawn.

Putting removed thatch to good use

Even experienced gardeners are continually amazed how much thatch is removed when the lawn is scarified. This garden waste must never be thrown away – instead, it can be recycled in the garden and turned into a valuable fertiliser. If the thatch is free of weed seeds, it can be used as mulch in beds: Roughen the surface of the soil using a cultivator, apply a layer of thatch approximately five centimetres thick and spread the mulch—except under rhododendron and other ericaceous plants—with 50 g/m² of garden lime.

Using garden waste as mulch

It is not only grass clippings that can be used to cover beds with a mulch layer, but also waste from pruning and trimming. Before you use it in this way, you first need to chop it up using a garden shredder. If you only have a small amount of trimmings, you can use secateurs and a garden hatchet to chop them up quickly.

Expert tip

Mulching your beds has many benefits: It suppresses weed growth, keeps the soil moist, activates the organisms in the soil and provides plant nutrients.