Keeping your house and apartment clean

Garden Life
Autumn and winter bring with them lots of moisture and dirt, which—even with doormats—often find their way into the house. Here are some tips on how you can clean up this dirt.

House broom for gentle cleaning

Particularly when the winter is rainy and cold, dirt can become a problem in a clean entrance area. Materials such as sand and grit used outside to combat snow and ice can lead to unsightly scratches inside, particularly on sensitive floor coverings. For gentle and efficient cleaning, it is therefore best to use a house broom as soon as the dirt trodden into the house has dried.

Leave the dirt outside

To prevent the dirt from entering your house in the first place, it is recommended to position a doormat with a lateral wiper edge in front of your door. A drip tray in the hallway is also useful so that shoes do not have to be left outside in the cold. Your shoes are kept warm, without spreading the dirt.

Expert tip

If, despite your best efforts, the tiles in your entrance hall do get scratched, then toothpaste can help by making unwanted scratches disappear from sight.