How and when to water and fertilize your potted plants

Garden Life
Many flowers are in full bloom in June. Green plants have also reached the height of their vegetation phase. Regular watering and fertilising of pot plants is especially important now. Flowers are only supplied with the necessary energy when they receive sufficient water. The needs of the individual plants should always be taken into account here. Some plants only require water infrequently, whereas others love moist soil. The rule of thumb is as follows: the bigger the leaves of the plant, the more water they need. If the plants are always watered on the same days, they get used to this watering pattern.
Please do not water your plants in the blazing midday sun, as the radiation from the sun may burn the leaves. It is best to water the plants in summer in the early evening hours.

A sufficient supply of nutrients with fertiliser is also important for the well-being of your plants. The following, for example, are suitable for fertilising house plants:
- fertiliser sticks or fertiliser tablets. These are simply placed in the soil and prevent over-fertilising;
- liquid fertilisers: simply measure the required amount with the measuring cap and pour into the water.

You can also use household products, of course, such as coffee grounds, mineral water or brewed tea leaves. However, these means are very seldom sufficient to supply the plant with all necessary nutrients.

In the period from March to September, it is recommended to fertilise the plants every two weeks. They can thus absorb all important nutrients and thrive exceedingly well. However, never over-fertilise, as otherwise this may even harm the plants. Over-fertilising is more harmful than under-fertilising.