Holiday hacks: 6 alternatives to lawn care service

We all know lawn care service options are good when away from home. Caring for your garden isn’t easy, and it’s even more difficult when you’re on holiday. But what if a lawn care service isn’t within reach this time? You need these holiday hacks if you don’t always have to shell out for one. Have a look at these smart alternatives to see your life made easier, without your garden suffering.

1. Water controls

Automatic watering allows you to pre-set your distribution while away. A timer lets you decide when your garden is watered, and the system, when combined with other gadgets, provides a complete lawn care service without any human intervention. Higher tech products like the GARDENA automatic irrigation system even come with the likes of moisture sensors and master controls, providing remote changeability and the ability to adapt to changed environments.

2. Sprinklers

Sprinklers provide a wide coverage of any lawn, meaning you don’t need anybody to walk around watering. Instead, the sprinkler system covers all areas from one central spot.

3. Micro-drip

A micro-drip system, such as the GARDENA Micro-Drip System, is lawn care management at its most precise. The technology lets you irrigate your lawn and flowerbeds in a particular way, saving water and ensuring every last bit of soil is covered and nourished.

4. Lawn care service? No, smart system!

An automatic lawnmower like the GARDENA Smart SILENO is a must for full lawn care service. The robot does one of gardening’s toughest jobs for you – and you don’t even need to be there. The intelligent watering and lawn care device can be controlled via a smartphone app, and can be set on a timer to do its job, whether you’re there or not. This means you can holiday in peace.

5. Soil meter

If you want a more simple way to monitor your soil, a moisture meter allows you to keep track of what it’s doing. Soil is such a crucial aspect of lawn care service, and this keeps you in the loop, showing changes over time.

6. Make sure you’re prepared

Aside from the technological help available, it’s also imperative you prepare your garden before going away. Get your mowing, hedge trimming, clipping, and watering up to date before a vacation, to ensure your garden has the best possible start on your return. However amazing the products above are, a lawn care service can’t work properly without due care and attention you set off on your holiday.