Harvesting fruit safely and providing optimum storage

Garden Life
Armed with the right tips, harvesting fruit can be child's play. If fruits are properly stored, they can be kept for a long time, allowing you to use them up gradually.

Safe and simple harvesting of fruits high up in the tree

When harvesting fruit that grows high up in the tree, a fruit picker provides a safe alternative to the less safe method of using a ladder. Grasp the stem of the fruit on the tree in the space between two teeth of the fruit picker. Then simply give the telescopic handle of the fruit picker a slight tug and the fruit will land quickly and easily in the catch bag without being damaged.

Checking the fruit store regularly

The harvest time for the main types of fruits—apples, pears and quince—generally extends from July to November. Fruit should be stored in a frost-free, humid room, at a temperature of approximately 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that the fruit storage area be checked regularly for rancid fruit, as this can quickly spread to the other stored fruit. For this reason, no windfall fruit should be placed in storage. Instead, it should be used up first, immediately after being collected.

Expert tip

The best storage method is to use shelves on which the fruit is stored not too close together, with the stalks facing upwards. Prevent pressure points on the fruit during harvesting, transportation and storage, as this quickly causes the fruit to rot.