Hanging flower baskets

Garden Life
You do not need a garden to enjoy the spring colours of the blossoms.
Simply plant flower baskets! With their lush blooms, the hanging flowers quickly make the terrace and balcony your favourite place. However, you can also hang your flower baskets in your garden as a garden decoration.


In order to obtain a magnificent hanging basket, you should not be sparing when planting the basket. Place the plants very close together to obtain a wonderful, dense blaze of colour in no time.
For planting hanging baskets, hanging plants such as Calibrachoa, trailing petunia, Lobelia erinus, trailing geranium or for a more shady spot also fuchsias are possible. When considering which plants you prefer in the hanging basket, you should never ignore the characteristics of the location, such as the amount of sunlight.


As the plants cannot extract many nutrients from the soil, you should already mix long-term fertiliser into the soil when planting. This provides your plants with everything they need until autumn. As the flower baskets are usually freely suspended and receive the warm rays of the sun and the summer air from all sides, the root ball quickly dries out. The amount of water required is therefore very high, which is why the plants need to be watered regularly.