Growing tips for basil

Garden Life
You like to cook with a Mediterranean touch? So why not plant your own basil in a pot?
Growing basil in pots is easy. Moreover, if basil is cultivated in pots, this offers the side benefit that plants are well protected against slugs. 

Best is to mix the potting soil with some sand. Since basil only germinates in light, the seeds have to be placed on top of the soil and not, like other seeds, stuck into the soil. The seeds should permanently be kept humid. Ideally, the soil and seeds are watered using a pressure sprayer with a soft water spray. If you cover the pot with a plastic foil, the soil will stay moist longer. The seeds usually germinate within a week if they have everything they need (warmth, light, moisture). 

Basil originates from the Mediterranean area, which is also the reason why basil needs a lot of sun and wants to stand in the warmth. When your basil is big enough for harvesting, do not just pluck off single leaves. It is better to cut off the shoot tips so that it can build new shoots. If you continue this process, the basil will grow into a beautiful and lush bush.