Green health treatment for grass

Garden Life
A beautiful lawn is the centrepiece of any garden and makes every owner proud. After the arduous winter months when there is little sunshine, lawns need air and new energy to quickly restore their lush green colour. The weeks of rain and frost have probably left behind a compacted, non-porous soil - matted grass and moss are widespread now. So the lawn and soil need a little attention. As soon as the soil has dried out in spring, the green health programme can begin.
The first thing amateur gardeners should do is get the lawnmower out of the shed. A meticulously cut lawn is not only pleasing to the eye. Regular cutting is also important because it thickens the grass and transforms the turf into a dense, tough lawn. Gardeners who want their lawns to look like the turf at Wembley should use a GARDENA hand cylinder lawnmower, which gives a precision cut just like using a pair of scissors. If you prefer a more 'conventional' approach to mowing your lawn, the GARDENA product range definitely has the right partner for you. Utility turf can essentially be cut to a height of three to five centimetres. One to three centimetres of fine turf can remain in the case of decorative lawns.

Lastly, your lawn should be aired because the delicate grass cannot thrive without an adequate supply of air and water. Using the GARDENA EVC 100 electric lawn aerator to enable air to get to the roots again can work wonders. The lawn aerator provides a 'peeling' treatment for the lawn. This powerful aerator effectively eliminates the matted layer of cuttings and dead plant residue so that the lawn can breathe again. The blade depth can be easily set at 2-3 mm so that the delicate roots of the grass are not harmed. Then give the grass another good dose of slow-release fertiliser so that nothing can stand in the way of thick growth and a lush green colour.