Give your garden a water feature!

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Almost all gardens can benefit from a water feature. A beautiful garden pond is a place to relax, to watch the water ripple and let your mind wander. Or why not go for a water stone or a water barrel? Here’s a guide on how to give your garden a water feature.
Whether a small bird bath, a shimmering water surface or a large pond, water in the garden is always lovely. Today there are many easy ways of creating a bubbling oasis in your garden or on the patio in almost no time at all.

Water stone

A water stone is easy to install and requires almost no maintenance. To get a water stone in place, simply bury a plastic tub or put it directly on the ground. In the latter case, it can be hidden by suitable objects such as a coconut mat and plants. A pump is fitted in the tub. On top of the tub you then put a latticed lid made of fiberglass or metal for the water to flow through. Finally, place the stone on top of the lid, after drilling a hole in it for the water to run through.

Water and plants in a barrel

Using a sealed container, you can quickly and easily create a small water oasis on your balcony, terrace or in your small garden. A bowl or oak barrel is ideal for a small water feature and can accommodate more than you think. Suitable plants are water lilies, marsh plants and floating plants.

Garden pond

If you want to go all the way and put a pond in your garden, think of a place in the garden where the pond will come into its own. Near the patio, it helps to create a harmonious natural environment in a place where you frequently spend time. If placed further away in a secluded corner of the garden, a pond can create a space for reflection and recuperation.
The pond should have at least five hours of sunlight a day for fish and plants to thrive. Don’t locate the pond under a tree or near tall shrubs so as to avoid falling leaves and unnecessary shade.
In order to achieve a healthy pond, it’s also important to choose the right plants. Two to three plants per square metre are quite sufficient, and around one third of them should be underwater plants. One thing to consider adding to your pond is a stream or a fountain.
Moving water brings life into a garden but it also provides oxygen. The circulation makes the water quality better.
Preformed ponds are particularly suitable for smaller gardens or places where the pond should not be too big. There are several advantages. You will immediately see the final shape and the pond is easy to put in. It can be done in an afternoon.


To achieve clear and healthy water in the pond, a pump and filter are most useful. GARDENA has a product line that contains everything you might need for the construction, care and decoration of your pond:

To find inspiration for water gardens, visit your local DIY store or garden centre, search the Internet or read the literature on the subject.