Garden flowers throughout the year

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A garden which blooms throughout the whole year is a joy to behold. Every season has its own, typical floral imagery, and therefore its own unmistakable charm. The following selection should assist you to arrange your plants appropriately according to the season. Nevertheless, observe the exact flowering periods when purchasing! Depending on the variety, the flowers, shrubs and bushes stated here can indeed bloom at different times, as early, mid-early and late-blooming varieties are frequently available.


Shrubs: Aubrieta, basket-of-gold, bergenia, leopard’s bane
Bulbs: Hyacinths, crocuses, snowflakes, narcissus
Bushes: Forsythia, flowering currant, spirea, white forsythia, rhododendron, magnolia, flowering quince, winter hazel


Shrubs: Delphinium, phlox, echinacea
Annuals: Marigold, dwarf marguerite, sunflower, petunia, pansy
Biennial: Hollyhock, common hollyhock, bruisewort, wallflower, honesty
Bushes: Wild rose, garden rose, buddleia (also known as butterfly bush), hydrangea macrophylla, shrubby cinquefoil, weigela, Japanese yellow rose, mock orange, and the climbing plants clematis and wisteria


Shrubs: Monkshood, Japanese anemone, Michaelmas daisy, wild chrysanthemum, New England aster, New York aster, toad lily, echinacea, small woodland sunflower, autumn bugbane, hardy cyclamen
Bushes: Shrubby cinquefoil, autumn-flowering cherry, common heather, Russian sage


Shrubs: Christmas rose,
Bushes: Winter jasmine, witch hazel, viburnum x bodnantense, oriental paper bush, winter-flowering heather
Winter Jasmine-E-001

These shrubs blossom over an extended period:

Wild sage, catmint, phlox, tickseed, hardy marigold, European Michaelmas daisy, bushy aster, Siberian wallflower, geranium, Iceland poppy, big-leaf lupine, scabious, viola