Five tips when shovelling snow

Garden Life
The winter season is the time for snow. It covers the earth in a beautiful white layer, to the joy of people of all ages. One often annoying side effect is, however, that it needs to be shovelled away. Stay well equipped with these five tips.

Tip 1:

The right equipment is important. Select the appropriate shovelling equipment depending on the area size and quantity of snow. Ensure that the product is as lightweight as possible, and that the length of the handle is right for your body height. The basic equipment for shovelling snow consists of the familiar snow shovel and a scraper for trodden-in snow and ice.

Tip 2:

Before you start, you should consider where you want to put the snow. Do not put the snow onto the road, where it will be in the way. Think of a place where it doesn’t bother anyone.

Tip 3:

Gravel or sand are the best materials to scatter on pavements. However, after the snow melts in the spring, this must be swept together and removed. It is prohibited in many regions to scatter salt, which damages plants and the environment. We recommend the use of our Small Caster. It assists you to dose the material being scattered – and stops you getting dirty hands.

Tip 4:

Wear warm, winter-resistant clothing when shovelling snow. Breathable clothing is best, above all when the shovelling requires a lot of effort. If moisture collects on your skin, you may catch a cold.

Tip 5:

If the snow is wet, push it away rather than lifting it away if possible. Special Snow Scoops make this large-area work easier. If this is not possible, only take a small amount of snow onto your shovel and bend your knees.