Find the right ripeness grade of cherries

Garden Life
Check the cherry tree on a weekly basis to assess when cherries are ready to be picked.
July is the month of cherries. Find the right ripeness grade by tasting them since the ripeness varies between the sorts.

If the cherry tastes sweet and juicy, hurry up to pick them. The red fruit can be picked seven weeks. Depending on the region and weather, this can be done from July to August.

You do not need much to harvest cherries. All you need is a stable ladder, a basket, a hook and a bit of endurance. With the hook you can attach the basket to the ladder so you can work with both hands. Best is to harvest the cherries with GARDENA scissors or secateurs with their stalks attached - fruits stay fresh longer and do not get hurt. 

Picked cherries stay fresh for approximately four days at a temperature between 0 and 4°C (32 - 39 °F). Best is to store the cherries in the fridge or at a cool place. Another way to preserve them is to cook a marmelade or a fresh cherry cake.

Photo: © Reinhard-Tierfoto