Exotic winter herbs and spices

Garden Life
The successful cultivation of exotic herbs can even be successful in these regions. Frequently, the plants do not have a winter rest period, but grow all year round. They can also be harvested in winter from inside your home to refine your food.
The cultivation of exotic herbs is not difficult if the basic guidelines for care are observed. 
Above all, the soil is important. Neither garden soil nor pot plant soil is suitable for their cultivation. Mix your own earth from one third pot plant soil, loamy garden soil and sand. You can also buy the mixture ready-made in DIY superstores. 

The herbs should be evenly watered, but the soil should never be left permanently wet. Regular light is also important for the plants. They will die if not given enough light.
Dry heating air can damage your plants. The ideal location is on a well-lit kitchen windowsill, a cool cellar windowsill or on a staircase.

Photo: © elmowski - Fotolia.com