Easy tips on sowing and growing your own lettuce

Garden Life
Fresh vegetables from your own garden are “in”. Those who grow their own lettuce know how to care for it and fertilise it. Then nothing stands in the way of pure enjoyment later in the year. Growing is easy with a little preparation.
The various types of lettuce are generally sown between March and June. Do not use commercially available garden soil here – it often contains pests or weeds. Preferably use compost soil or a ready-mixed growing medium. This medium is usually composed of peat and fertiliser and is an excellent basis for tasty results.

Sow the seeds in a row and ensure sufficient space between the rows of plants. Small seeds are best scattered straight from the palm of your hand or directly from the pack. If the seeds are very close together, this is not a great problem as some seeds do not even germinate. Water the plant rows regularly and keep the soil damp. If it is still cold outside, it is recommended to cover the lettuce with film or sow the seeds in a greenhouse. After approx. two weeks, the first seedlings should be visible.

When the salad plants have reached a height of three to five centimetres, it is time to thin out the plant rows so that the seedlings are not too close together and have enough room to grow. Remove the weaker plants, so that in the end there is a distance of at least 20-25 cm between the lettuce plants. The individual plants thus receive more light, which is necessary for good growth.

The first lettuce can be harvested after about eight weeks. In the case of loose-leaf or cutting lettuce, the situation is slightly different: As it constantly grows back, continual harvesting from May to the end of September is not a problem.