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Design your vertical garden

Garden Life
Too little space in your garden doesn’t mean having to go without self-cultivated vegetables. In order to find a solution for your space issues, simply use your creativity. With the aid of a vertical garden, cucumbers, strawberries and co. can even be planted on a small balcony. In this way, lack of space does not stand in the way of fresh vegetables and herbs from your own garden. However, in case of balconies, it is essential that you check for which maximum weight load they are designed!

Euro pallets as an inexpensive alternative

Above all in towns and cities, there is frequently a lack of sufficient space in order to plant out your own vegetable bed. Specialist shops can provide a remedy. Here you can find plant bags or special modules which permit the vertical cultivation of fruit and vegetables within the smallest possible area. These can be easily and quickly mounted onto a house wall or onto a balcony, filled with earth and fertiliser and planted with vegetables and herbs. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a vertical garden. A less expensive and sturdy variation is the bed construction made of a Euro pallet.

The production

The following are required: 

• One pallet
• Approx. 80 litres of soil
• A sufficiently large tarpaulin
• Additional battens 

To increase the stability, the battens are nailed across the back of the pallet. Then the pallet is closed off with the aid of the tarpaulin. Here the tarpaulin is mounted so that the rear side and three sides of the pallet are covered by the tarpaulin. So that the tarpaulin cannot slip, this is fastened with staples on all sides. Then the pallet can be set up vertically with the open side to the front, and filled with earth.

Planting out

Not every plant is suitable for a vertical garden. Plants which require a lot of space for their roots should not be planted into vertical gardens. In addition, observe when planting that water can seep down from top to bottom. In case of such a pallet construction, those plants which require a lot of water should be planted at the lower end of the pallet. At the upper end, on the other hand, those plants should be added which prefer less water. The pallet is particularly good for cultivating strawberries and herbs, but of course hanging vegetables are also ideal in such constructions. There is nothing to stop you cultivating tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini on your own balcony. The colourful nasturtium also feels highly comfortable on such a vertical wall.