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Delicious dish - it's time for pumpkins

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While kids love to carve faces in pumpkins for Halloween, the grown-ups now have a lot of fun to experiment with it in their kitchen. Due to the extensive selection of squash a lot of different dishes can be tried out.

Here is the recipe we have chosen for you

For four portions you need: 

     250 g squash (Hokkaido preferred)
          3 pieces of a turnip watch or a small onion
          2 garlic cloves
          1 teaspoon paprika 
          1 tablespoon vinegar
          1 pinch of caraway
          1 tablespoon oil 
      750 ml vegetable stock or water and 1 1/2 soup cubes
       1/8 l milk 
          1 pinch of rubbed nutmeg
             Salt and pepper 

At first, chop the pulp of the squash in medium sized pieces. Then cut the onion in little pieces and let it sweat in a pot. If this is done, take away the pot from the cooker, add paprika and deglaze it with vinegar. After that, put the Hokkaido-pieces in the pot and infuse the soup. Now put in caraway and the crushed garlic cloves. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and get it puréed. Pour in 1/8 l of milk and stir the soup. Now it is nearly done!
Taste the soup and refine it with nutmeg, salt, pepper and if required some vinegar.

You can serve the pumpkin soup with a teaspoon of creamor pumpkin seed oil . The squash seeds can be eaten raw as well as roasted.

Here we have listed some tasty squashes for you and what you can use them for

  • Ambercup 
    Taste: Sweet taste of Marroni 
    Usability: Roasting, gratin, cake, sweet dessert 
  • Butternut 
    Taste: Sweetish, creamy
    Usability: Roasting, baking, pureed, soup, pie, raw for salads, Asian dishes
  • Hokkaido 
    Taste: Mild, sweetish 
    Usability: Soup, chutney, cake, soufflé, jam
  • Jack be little 
    Taste: Delicate aroma of chestnut
    Usability: Cook in oven, filled, deep-fried
  • Musque de Provence 
    Taste: Less sweetish, a little bit of nutmeg
    Usability: Roasting, baking, pureed, soup, pie, jam, etc.
  • Spaghetti squash
    Taste: Neutral aroma
    Usability: Salad, spaghetti 
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