Cutting down trees in your own garden

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If trees have got too large or a restructuring of the garden is being planned, they could become a disruptive factor. We will inform you of where attention should be paid before cutting and how you cut down a tree properly. However, the cutting down of a tree has its risks. For those without the necessary equipment at home and feel unsure, they should hire an expert.

Cutting down a tree

Before you begin, it must be considered in which direction the tree should fall. There should be enough space available and no one should be put at risk. The easiest choice is to fell the tree in the direction it would naturally fall due to slope or overhanging branches.
The wedge cut determines the direction that the tree will fall and is placed on the appropriate side of the tree. First, saw the upper cut of the wedge. Position the saw at a downward angle. The depth of the wedge is a fifth up to a third of the trunk diameter. Now the lower, horizontal cut of the wedge follows. It is very important that both cuts meet up exactly.
A wedge with an opening of approx. 60 – 80° should be formed.
And now, the actually felling can begin. The tree is sawed through on the opposite side, positioned slightly above the wedge. However, do not saw through to the wedge but rather leave 3 cm in the middle. This stabilises the tree and ensures that it falls safely.
Important: Do not take any risks if you are unsure on the implementation. Ask an expert or a trained arborist to cut the tree down.

It is imperative to wear the following protective clothing: 
• Safety boots
• Cut protective trousers 
•  Work gloves
• Safety helmet with visor
• Hearing protectors on helmet
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