Collecting fruit from the ground without bending down

Garden Life
Collecting the windfall from large fruit trees is considered tiring, strenuous work. But there is another way. Find out how to make your life easier.

Do not leave windfall fruit on the ground

Fruit that has fallen onto lawns and beds should be removed promptly where possible. This is especially true for rotten, mouldy fruit. Fungal spores and bacteria could quickly spread to the surrounding area, and the larvae could develop into mature insects and provide the next generation of pests. But healthy fruit should also be collected so that you can make use of it.

Collecting windfall without breaking your back

Collecting fruit by hand requires bending or kneeling. A much easier and cleaner method that is kinder on your back is to use a rolling, ground-level collector. This enables you to collect the windfall quickly and easily from a standing position.

Expert tip

Fallen fruit that is to be disposed of can be recycled and used as a source of nutrients, but fruit that has been affected by disease or pests should not be put on the compost heap. Instead, bury it deep in the ground to prevent the pathogens and parasites from spreading around the garden through the compost.