Cleaning grouting in the home

Garden Life
Mould grows in grouting due to the presence of moisture. However, it can easily be prevented or removed by taking the right action.

Preventing fungal infestations

Grouting is commonly affected by mould, particularly in bathrooms. Removing the water remaining in the shower directly after showering using a squeegee, and airing the room for ten minutes after showering or bathing to dissipate the humidity, prevents the moisture from penetrating the grouting to such an extent that mould can form. If grouting still shows signs of a fungal infestation, it can be reliably removed using special cleaners.

Keeping grouting clean

Ageing, dirty grouting between tiles can be easily cleaned and refreshed using a special grout brush. Mixing water with baking powder has been found to be an effective cleaning agent. Alternatively, you can use a steam cleaner.

Expert tip

Joint sealants are water and dirt repellent, thereby reducing the amount of cleaning required.