Asters – tips on these autumn flowers

Garden Life
When the days grow shorter and colder in autumn, autumn asters infuse colour into your garden. Even when the days become shorter and the nights longer, and temperatures are already falling, asters blossom right up until the first severe winter frosts, and you can therefore gain enjoyment from these decorative flowers for a long time.

Planting autumn aster plants or seeds

When planting in early autumn, please ensure that the asters have sufficient time to root.

Location and soil

Most varieties of aster love a sunny place in your garden. However, you should select an area which is not subjected to the full heat of the midday sun. Some varieties mainly thrive in half-shade. These are for example wild asters, blue asters and white woodland asters. The selection of location has great influence on the amount of flowers produced. The soil should be loosened and rich in humus.

Care and diseases

Complete fertilisers or organic fertilisers are best suited for producing a lot of flowers. Fertilisation is carried out in early spring. Dividing the autumn asters also stimulates good budding properties. It is therefore worthwhile presenting your neighbours with part of a plant or finding an additional location for them in your garden. 

If your aster is subjected to aster wilt disease, consider changing the location of the plant. You can recognise aster wilt disease through wilted leaves which continue to look wilted even after watering, and subsequently die. This fungal disease is best combatted by relocating the plant and subsequent treatment.

Asters and mildew

Autumn asters easily develop mildew. One exception to this rule is the smooth aster (Aster novae-angliae). Garden expert have reported fungal disease problems with older varieties of the cushion and smooth asters.

Planting asters in containers

The impressive size of the smooth and rough-leaved asters (Aster novae-angliae and Aster novae-belgii) looks particularly effective in containers. 

Enjoy your autumnal garden!