Amaryllis – blooming splendour at Christmas

Garden Life
We have chosen yet another plant highlight which is suitable for winter and whose blooms will delight in the dreary winter time. The Amaryllis originated from South Africa and is known for its unusual flowering time during the Christmas season. In order for your Amaryllis to give you continued enjoyment, we are supplying you with some tips concerning the right care of such a plant.

Location and Care

It is especially important to give the Amaryllis the correct care right before the flowering time. The tropical bulb plant does not like to be in a room that is too warm. This plant needs a room temperature between 18 and 20 degrees. Furthermore, the Amaryllis prefers a light spot on the window sill. Regular watering also plays an important role in the care of the Amaryllis. The rule applies, in moderation not in quantity so that the bulb does not rot. 

As a rule, you will be able to enjoy the blooming splendour of the Amaryllis for approx. 14 days.

Care during the year

To enjoy your plant over the long-term, you can begin preparing the Amaryllis for the next year right after the blooms fall off. The stem should be cut off, the bulb removed and placed into a pot with fresh potting soil. In May, the Amaryllis begins its growth phase. During this time, you should make sure that the plant has a warm and light place. A spot in the garden or on the terrace is an excellent place for the Amaryllis to soak up sun. 

The growth phase ends in September and the resting phase begins. From now on, you should keep your Amaryllis in a cool and dark location, e.g. a cellar room would be suitable. Also cut back on the watering of the plant.

Starting in December, you can bring the Amaryllis back to its place on the window sill. After a few weeks, you will be able to once again enjoy the colourful eye-catcher.


As beautiful as the Amaryllis is, please remember that it is poisonous and should be placed out of reach of children.

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