plant in wire basket

How to use a wire basket as a plant pot


You will need:

Wire basket

Black plastic mulch

Water reservoir fleece made from sheep's wool



Wire basket

And here's what you need to do:

Line the wire basket with the black plastic mulch, making a few holes in the bottom for drainage. The plastic mulch should not cover the entire basket; leave a rim around the top to create an airier look.

Place the water reservoir fleece made from sheep's wool on top of the plastic mulch. 

Fill 2/3 of the basket with compost (i.e. to just below the edge of the plastic mulch).

Now it's time to add the plants. Planting a few groundcover plants at the front always looks good as they grow to hang over the side of the basket.

Behind them, I would recommend adding "upright" plants. I have used chequered lilies and white grape hyacinths. This creates different layers when the flowers bloom.

Carefully fill the spaces between the plants with compost.

compost and plants
plant in wire basket

And the finished ensemble is now sitting outside of the front door of my flat, welcoming in the spring and my guests over the next few weeks.