Decorating glass bottles with Washi Tape


You will need:

Washi Tape

Glass bottles


Utility knife

Washi Tape is a Japanese tape that you can buy in craft shops or online. It's great for decorating and is available in a whole host of colours and patterns, making it very versatile. It sticks to a variety of materials such as wood, paper, plastic and metal. The creative possibilities are almost endless. You can use it to decorate furniture, picture frames, windows, or even to jazz up boring tealights. The fantastic thing about Washi Tape is that it can also be removed from the various surfaces without leaving a trace.

And here's what you need to do:

Clean the inside and outside of the glass bottles with soapy water and leave them to dry. Then, simply stick your chosen pattern onto the glass bottle. To do this, stick the tape and cut it to the length you need. For intricate patterns that partially overlap, we recommend that you use a utility knife, as this will allow you to cut the tape cleanly and accurately with it already stuck to the bottle. Don't worry you stick the tape to yourself — the Washi Tape can be easily unstuck and even used again.

Washi Tape also works really well as name tags glasses at balcony parties. Simply stick a piece of the tape around the upper third of the straw so that the ends stick together. Cut a triangle in the end of the flag and add the name.