The never-ending lifecycle of basil - or, to put it another way, how basil is virtually indestructible!


It's certainly possible to survive without basil on your balcony, but as a Balconista it's somehow hard to imagine. To us today, basil is pretty much what parsley was in the 80s: one of the staple herbs, and something we can no longer do without.

Basil is really quite simple to propagate yourself, so if you do it this way you will always have basil to hand when you need it and won't find yourself constantly buying overpriced pots from the supermarket.

Here's how to do it:

Simply take a cutting of the basil (a stem measuring approximately 10 cm) and remove the lower leaves so that there won't be any leaves dangling in the water later on.

Place the basil cutting in a glass of water and leave it in a warm and sunny place, such as a window sill. Now simply wait for the cutting to develop roots (about 5 cm long), changing the water once a week in the meantime. Put it into a pot with some soil and always keep the soil slightly moist.

To ensure that you can continue enjoying your basil for as long as possible, take new cuttings on a regular basis. This will prevent blooms from forming and will keep the basil plant bushy. Simply place the cuttings in a glass of water and the cycle will continue.

This also works with rosemary and mint.