Seen in Shanghai


I got this idea from a Balconista in Shanghai and resolved to try it as soon as I got back to Germany.

You may be asking yourself what on earth it is? So did I. It's a sweet potato! I personally think the whole thing is a work of art!  With the right jar, the sweet potato can be really decorative and its purple shoots and green leaves make it a colourful delight. The Chinese Balconista says you can eat the leaves too. You can eat them raw (in a salad, similar to wild herbs) or cooked (like a young spinach leaf).

And it is easy to make yourself.

To do so, you will need:

  • A decorative jar or glass (note that the opening must close well around the sweet potato)
  • One sweet potato
  • Water
  • Around 8 weeks of patience until the first results can be seen

Fill the jar with water. Place the sweet potato on the opening to test it. There should be a gap of around 3 cm between the sweet potato and the water. If there is, press the sweet potato lightly into the opening of the jar, so that it forms an airtight seal. Now it’s just a question of being patient for around 8 weeks.