Seen in Paris: bottle-fed


Or in other words how I'm building my own greenhouse with a PET bottle.

I discovered this great idea for building your own little greenhouse from another balconista in Paris. This idea covers a wealth of different trends with one solution, including upcycling and grow your own. You could argue over whether this is actually organic, of course, but I like it. It's cheap and easy to do yourself, too.

Here's how:

Put a hole in a PET bottle using a kitchen knife and then cut the bottle using your kitchen scissors so that you end up with a base from 1/3 of the bottle and a lid which is 2/3 of the bottle. Put some soil in the base section. Plant some tomato seeds and water them thoroughly (this method will also work with other vegetables). Put the lid on and position your little greenhouse on the window sill.

It's a nice idea that I will definitely be trying next year as well.