newspaper seed starter pots

Using newspaper to make seed starter pots


You will need:


Bottle (if using a plastic bottle fill it with liquid, but this step is not necessary for a glass bottle)

Seed compost





And here's what you need to do:

Fold a sheet of newspaper in half, fold it over again lengthways and press down to make crisp folded edge. Lay the paper on a hard surface with the open side to the left.


Now take the bottle and place it at the bottom edge of the paper so that 1/3 of the bottle is sticking out to the right. Roll the newspaper around the bottle slowly and tightly. This will leave some of the newspaper overhanging on the left-hand side, which will be used later to form the base. Keep rolling up the newspaper until you reach the end.


bottle wrapped in newspaper

Now turn the bottle wrapped in the newspaper on its head and fold the overhanging paper into the middle. Turn the bottle the right way up again and tap it on a hard surface a few times. For this to have the desired effect, it is important that the bottle has some weight (that's why a plastic bottle needs to be filled but a glass bottle can be empty).

Next, slowly and carefully pull the bottle out of the newspaper and fill the seed starter with compost. Now you can add the seeds.


We recommend tying the seed starters together with raffia for extra stability. Place them on a tray/dish and always water them from below.

bottle wrapped in newspaper