Re-growing - or, how to breathe life into kitchen waste

Re-growing - or, how to breathe life into kitchen waste


Re-growing is a big topic at the moment. I really love the idea of making something out of vegetable waste rather than simply chucking it in the food waste bin (and I don't mean vegetable pasta, vegetable rice or fungus to make my own antibiotics).

Cut the stalk off a romaine lettuce. Insert three toothpicks into the stalk. Place the skewered stalk in a cup with water, suspended so that the stalk dips about 2 cm into the water - otherwise there is a risk it will go mouldy!

Now place the cup (and stalk) somewhere warm and sunny (such as a window sill) and keep spraying it with water over the next few days. Change the water every three days.

The stalk will begin to sprout after approximately two weeks. When the middle shoot is approximately 1 cm long, simply plant the stalk into a pot with some soil, with the leaves poking out above the soil.

The first leaves will be ready to pick after around four weeks. After about five months you will have a typical head of romaine lettuce.