Re-growing ginger - patience required!


Ginger is healthy, tasty and, as Pinterest would have it, also easy to grow (but not fast!).

Here's how:

Place a fresh, firm ginger root in warm water overnight. Then place the root in a flower pot with some soil; lightly cover the root with soil and water it well. Place it in a warm, shady place (not in direct sunlight) and keep it slightly moist at all times.

After a few weeks, you will see the first leaves sprouting. From this point onwards, ginger likes a warm and bright environment (but, again, no direct sunlight). This is where you really need to be patient, as it will be around 12 months until you can start to harvest your ginger. Simply remove the entire root, break off a piece (about the length of your thumb), soak it overnight and then the whole process starts again from the beginning.

And now I'm going to tell you what happened to me.

It all started because I planned to cook some Chinese food so I bought some ginger, but then didn't cook after all. So my plan B was to propagate the ginger as I've described above. I soaked it overnight and planned to plant it the next day. However, I didn't do that; I simply kept it in my onion pot that sits on my kitchen window sill. I don't really know why I did that. The ginger was just getting in the way....and the onion pot was there. I put on the lid and...forgot about it.

After about four weeks I wanted to fill the pot with onions and, lo and behold... the ginger had grown a green stem approximately 6 cm long. It now has a new home in a beautiful flower pot on my window sill. I'm curious to see what happens to it over the next 12 months.