Coco coil pellets done

Using coco coir pellets for starting seeds


You will need:

Coco coir pellets

Mini greenhouse for the windowsill



Coco coil will need
Coco coir pellets to do

It's now time to plant the seeds, close the mini greenhouse and put it on the windowsill.

And here's what you need to do:

The coco coir pellets contain absolutely no peat. They are made from coconut fibres, which are a by-product of harvesting coconuts. They are ideal for starting seedlings and can be used to replace traditional pellets. Coco coir pellets are very easy to handle and do not produce any mess.

Simply place them in the relevant slots in the bottom of the mini greenhouse and pour water over them. The pellets will absorb the water within minutes, which will cause them to grow in height without losing their shape.