plant propagation

Last chance for the cucumber


As I've already written, I have a classic love/hate relationship with the cucumber. After lots of failed attempts to grow a respectable crop, I'm giving the cucumber one last chance this year. And this year, I'm taking a two-pronged approach: I'm growing the cucumber myself from seed and I'm buying a cultivated plant from the garden centre as well.

But let's talk about growing it from seed first. I've bought a basic set for this. This contains four plastic pouches, compacted soil and seeds (tomato, pepper and, of course, cucumber as well).

You also need trays for underneath, scissors and a pump sprayer (or watering can).

This is how it works with my set:

Place the plastic pouches on the trays. Cut the pouches open at the top edge and pour 350 ml of water onto the compacted soil in each one. Leave the soil for around 30 minutes to soak it up. Then sow the seeds and move onto the window sill (on the inside). Until you transfer the seedlings to a larger pot on the balcony, make sure you keep the soil moist all the time.