DIY bunting


You will need:

Leftover fabric
A hot glue gun
Household scissors 

Pretty fabric offcuts can be bought for next to nothing in haberdasheries and fabric shops. Simply buy a few bits of leftover fabric in colours that go well together. Cut long rectangles out of the leftover fabric.

Fold the rectangles down the middle.

Then fold again down the middle.

Now simply make a diagonal cut.

And unfold the fabric.

Use the hot glue gun to stick the cord in the fold of the triangle. You will need to make sure that the cord is taut when you glue it in, otherwise the material will clump together. Press nice and gently where you've applied the glue. Then, apply hot glue to one side of the pennant. Fold the pennant over the cord and stick the two halves together.

Repeat this process until you have a full string of bunting. If you want to add another pretty touch, stick some small circles of fabric on the cord between the pennants.