Cultivation Containers

Here we go! Here we go!


Or how to make your own cultivation containers

I hereby declare the Balconista season open!

I have my plant pots at the ready; I've already explained how you fill them. Now the only thing missing is the vegetable plants themselves!

The process starts inside the pots, as the delicate seedlings thrive in warm conditions. I personally prefer tomatoes, peppers, Hokkaido squash and, of course, cucumbers. In order to germinate, these seeds need a constant temperature of 22°C. Once the plants have been pricked out (a process that I will explain in a later post), a temperature of 18°C will be sufficient for them to continue growing.

Even small containers are fine for cultivating vegetables.

For my squash seeds, I'm just making the cultivation containers myself this year — from the inner part of toilet rolls. It's easy, quick, and costs next to nothing. And even better, you can then plant the container along with the seed and avoid the risk of damaging the delicate roots when pulling them out.

I have something else in mind for my tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, but more on that later.

First, a step-by-step guide to my DIY plant pot.

The following items are needed:

  • Inner part of toilet rolls
  • Kitchen roll
  • Scissors
  • Seed compost
  • Seeds, in this case squash seeds and nasturtium seeds
  • String
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Pump sprayer

Using my balcony scissors, I cut the toilet rolls in half. You can cut virtually everything on the balcony with these!

Then I stuff a bit of kitchen roll into the bottom part. This ensures the soil stays in the toilet roll, and it’s always good to have a bit less mess.

Now I tie the toilet rolls together with some string. This holds them together nicely and makes it easier to fill them with soil. A bit of intuition is required here. If I tie the string too tightly, the toilet rolls will become deformed and I won't be able to fill them properly. However, if I tie the string too loosely, I might as well not bother.

I fill the toilet rolls with seed compost up to about 1 cm below the rim, pressing lightly on the soil during filling.

I then push the squash seed and the nasturtium seeds into the soil, add another layer of soil on top and press it down lightly.

And in order to live up to my reputation as a Balconista, I then cover the purely functional string with another loop of stylish ribbon.

Finally, I spray my soon-to-be plants using a pump sprayer. This piece of kit is ideal for potting thanks to its fine spray.

And now: All you can do is sit and spray.

P.S: Of course, there are other containers you can use that are suitable for potting, such as yoghurt pots and Tetrapak cartons. The important thing is that water can drain away well.