Caipirinha Recipe

Alcohol-free caipirinhas


A refreshing change for after you have finished your balcony workout

For two glasses you will need:

1 organic lime

600 ml of ginger ale (how much you need also depends on the size of your glass, of course)

4 tablespoons of brown cane sugar

Ice cubes or crushed ice

2 straws

1 cocktail muddler

And here's how to make it:

Rinse the organic lime with warm water and cut it into eight segments. Divide the lime segments between the two glasses (i.e. four segments in each glass) and sprinkle two tablespoons of brown sugar into each glass. Now mash up the entire mixture using the cocktail muddler. Put some ice cubes in each glass and slowly pour in the ginger ale. Add a straw, hit the balcony, sit back and enjoy!