A lovely gift for the Christmas period

A lovely gift for the Christmas period - quick and easy to make yourself


Christmas is quickly approaching, and soon those invitations to pre-Christmas events will be starting to arrive. Here's an idea for a lovely homemade gift - Balconista-style! It's very quick to make; you just need to buy a couple of things and you're good to go.

You will need:

  • A preserving jar with lid and rubber seal
  • Soil suitable for succulents
  • Fine-grain, light-coloured sand (i.e. decorative sand)
  • A succulent seedling (small)
  • Christmas ribbon

Now you're ready to begin:

Add about 5 cm of the soil to the preserving jar. Carefully plant the succulent seedling into the soil. Now add around 1 cm of decorative sand.

This simply makes it look a bit nicer - it doesn't help or hinder the plant at all. If you want to, you can decorate the whole thing with water-proof Christmas figurines at this stage.

For transportation, close the preserving jar by putting on the rubber seal and the lid. Add a bow and your gift is ready.